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Any experts on Azure/MS Office 365 and removing a domain/email?
March 26, 2022   •   8 posts   •   330 views
Internet and Technology

AdamD said — Hey all, I'm not even sure what the topic should be as it seems to be a single issue covering a whole bunch of Microsoft's services. Basically here in the UK I signed up with a ...

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Posting Etiquette
March 24, 2022   •   18 posts   •   503 views
Managing an Online Community

Pete said — I haven't seen XF do autocorrection, but my work MacBook and my iPad are very enthusiastic about fixing my typos for me, including when they're not typos but words they've misunderstood! ...


Inherently Transient
March 24, 2022   •   7 posts   •   269 views
Internet and Technology

truthingtotruth said — I didn't think about a start timestamp for when we could consider the Net was open for an Online Community, but let me fix that now. Scientific and Advanced-Technology Act of 1992; ...

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What should you do?
March 24, 2022   •   14 posts   •   585 views
Members & Staff

DigNap15 said — This is one reason that I don't have any moderators on my forum I am the only one. Its a General and Political forum so it can get pretty heated. Lots of members give me suggestions ...

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How to deal with banning and backslash?
March 23, 2022   •   10 posts   •   497 views
Members & Staff

LeadCrow said — I suspect youd reconsider that if a disgruntled banned user starts exploiting your silence to paint the site staff and management as abusive monsters. Any future explanations you ...

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Bye-Bye Fingers. And Thumbs.
March 26, 2022   •   26 posts   •   898 views
Internet and Technology

mysiteguy said — I believe it still requires it for the best accuracy. Google's assistant and the others have training options as well which increase accuracy, and also allows them to connect your ...

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Why do brand new forums ask for donations?
March 24, 2022   •   23 posts   •   892 views
Forum Software

Hentai said — When we launched our forum we actually did so with a Kickstareter! Though that being said we weren't exactly a "new" community. Sure the domain and forum were new, technically ...

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Marketplace Forum (Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more!)
March 24, 2022   •   3 posts   •   282 views
The Exchange

Oldsmoboi said — I don't really need a post exchange, but I'll take a look because your niche is something I'm getting into. Edit: Just a note that your e-mail verification e-mail went straight ...

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You enter an oversaturated forum niche, what do you do?
March 30, 2022   •   20 posts   •   1,091 views
Increasing Traffic

evcom said — Agree, the chances for forums devoted to a very specific model, brand, product etc. can flourish quicker compared to communities that try to cover the subject more diverse. I run ...

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Starting a new forum in 2022?
March 28, 2022   •   31 posts   •   2,216 views
Getting Started

Fait said — It's harder to get people to join forums because with Facebook or Reddit people are already on them and click one button to Join but with hard work it's still possible because ...

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