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Peter Coward
June 01, 2021   •   1 post   •   47 views
Crew - Listed Alphabetically

Peter Coward said — SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD Full Name Peter Coward Discharge Book Number R850403 Department Deck Your Rank/Rating Deck apprentice Which Ships were you on and When Anadara 1967 ...

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Highlighted posts from Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2021
June 02, 2021   •   1 post   •   95 views
Newsletter Feedback

NickTheGreek said — Click here to view on the web||Highlighted posts|| Mv medicApril 16, 2011 * 9 posts * 8,888 views Shaw Savillstephen street said: Cruise Ship of Yesterday.....Michaelangelo & Freak ...

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Missing royal navy life ?
June 04, 2021   •   29 posts   •   557 views
Royal Navy

j.sabourn said — 1. Build a Shelf in the top of your wardrobe, fit a thin mattress and sleep on top of it. 2. Remove the wardrobe door and replace it with a curtain that is too small. 3. Wash your ...

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June 06, 2021   •   12 posts   •   244 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Louis the fly said — When I was at sea my main pastime was reading books. I liked factual books especially one's about people who had led unusual lives, it could be someone like Lawrence of Arabia ...

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Queen Mary
June 03, 2021   •   24 posts   •   595 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

vic mcclymont said — The Q. M. is languishing in California and according and according to an article in the Daily Express she is in danger of sinking. Apparently below the waterline some of her plates ...

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Caradoc Hotel
June 06, 2021   •   17 posts   •   265 views
My Memoires and Other Interesting Things

Red Lead Ted said — An old Pub that a lot will recall ! [image]

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Merchant navy crs10 log book questions - Edward blanch 954849
June 01, 2021   •   6 posts   •   150 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Lauren Roberts said — Hi all, So I applied for my great grandad Edward Blanch's (954849) ww2 log book from the national archives website, it took a while to get an answer but anyway they sent me a copy ...

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Submarine HMS Thetis
June 01, 2021   •   2 posts   •   68 views
Royal Navy

Keith at Tregenna said — On 1st June 1939, the submarine HMS Thetis sank during trials in Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, with the loss of 99 men. [image] After the tragedy, she was salvaged and recommissioned ...

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June 02, 2021   •   1 post   •   79 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

vic mcclymont said — CLAN MACAULEY Saves the day. For those not familiar with the South African Fruit run, the norm after discharging at UK/Continent Port, was head south, clean the holds and start ...

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Grimsby Fish Dock Tugs
June 05, 2021   •   3 posts   •   625 views

John S Webster said — I worked on the Alfred Bannister when I left school in 1965 in Grimsby fish dock and I think the skipper was called George Wheeler.

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