27th July 2021

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Captain Webberling, br Destiny, br Prospector, br Talent
November 13, 2011   •   9 posts   •   2,448 views
BP Shipping Co

Therese Sherman said — Hi there! My Grandfather was Captain Webberling that served with bp from about 1921 to 1961. He was, towards the end a Commodore, but hated all the paper work...much prefered being a captain. I was just watching the rememberence day service ...

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David Anderson
August 28, 2020   •   8 posts   •   319 views
My Ships

David Anderson said — Border Lass. 05-08- to 18-01-69. Cpt, B Ward Port Nicholson. 13 March 1969 to 09-06-69. Bamburgh Castle 30-06-69 to 12-12-69 and 13-12-69 4th eng. To 10-01-70 Baltic Ore. 03-03-70 to 14-05-70 4th eng Sheaf Mount. 17-06-70 to 11-09-70 ...

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The loss of the Indian Cargo Ship ss SAUDI in 1973 and her large 'Crew' ...
June 30, 2021   •   14 posts   •   351 views
Trivia and Interesting Stuff

Graham Shaw said — I'm normally quite good at using the Advanced Search facility on this site to find what I want,but not this time,so I'll write a new thread! However, we were discussing recently about the comparative crew complement both on British and ...

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" The Varied & Interesting Life of A Ship ,1936-1973. m.v.ROYAL ULSTERMAN "
July 17, 2021   •   4 posts   •   284 views
General Articles

Graham Shaw said — m.v.ROYAL ULSTERMAN (O.N. 163225 ) a twin screw motor passenger ferry of 3,244 grt,17 knots built as Yard No,963 at Harland & Wolff ,Belfast for Burns & Laird Lines for their Glasgow-Belfast ferry service. War Service ...

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SS Waratah – the Australian Titanic.
July 13, 2021   •   10 posts   •   60 views

Marian Gray said — Came across this missive regarding a first hand account from a RN Seaman in letters home to his mother re his ships search for the Waratah. Thought it may be of interest. Hoping Doc can unload the file I have sent him to here. :) Thank you ...

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john Chester
July 20, 2021   •   2 posts   •   72 views
Crew - Listed Alphabetically

John Chester said — SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD Full Name john Chester Discharge Book Number R400413 Department Deck Your Rank/Rating Apprentice Which Ships were you on and When Drupa 1949 Notes: ...

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Sea chest and painting information request
July 21, 2021   •   58 posts   •   1,293 views
Ask the Forum

Neil Fairman said — [image] The sea chest above belonged to a merchant seaman, my great, great, grandfather, Edward Coleman. His ship was the Airlie vessel 72545 - built 1875 - Iron sailing vessel ...

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Mary and Lizzie
July 22, 2021   •   12 posts   •   266 views

Frank Mattocks said — When I worked on Carmania (1971) there were some crew on board who had worked on Mary and Lizzie. I seem to remember that one of the two ships was much more popular than the other, ...

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July 24, 2021   •   6 posts   •   212 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Des Taff Jenkins said — I was reminiscing this morning, on the 20th of July 69 years ago I was a 20 year old sailing from Mena Al Ahmadi for Port Said on the Wave Baron, the sun blazing down gasping for ...

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What Was Bomber Command?
July 25, 2021   •   5 posts   •   73 views
Royal Air Force

Keith at Tregenna said — HISTORY.# What Was Bomber Command? More than 55,500 young men died flying with Bomber Command during World War Two - more than the number who serve in the entire RAF today. [link]

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