14th September 2021

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Bowater Ships
January 23, 2011   •   81 posts   •   91,906 views
Bowater Steamship Co

Barry Simpson said — Hi fellow ex Bowater seafarers. Time to get on and build the listing of Bowater ships for posterity. I am Barry Simpson and I served in the Engine Room of the following ships: Sarah Bowater Nicolas Bowater Liverpool Packet During the period ...

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Sling your hook
March 25, 2021   •   9 posts   •   786 views
Nautical Tales

Doc Vernon said — With kind thanks to the Following Person Capt. Rob Cobban Master Mariner And thanks to JS for sending it in for Submission. Sling your hook. Home is the sailor!Where to start? Born Aberdeen, early education in Portsmouth UK, mid 50's ...

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August 18, 2021   ��   43 posts   •   1,659 views
Welcome - Please say hello.

Tracey magee said — Hello all, my parents were both in the merchant navy, mum joined in 1950, she faked her age as she was only 20 at the time, I know she sailed on the Winchester Castle, The Rangitiki and Rangitoto as a laundress. Dad joined shortly after ...

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Uniforms and engineers
August 06, 2021   •   80 posts   •   4,559 views
Ask the Forum

Lewis McColl said — During my total at sea , even in Blue Funnel I never saw any engineer dressed like this in the engine room. ...

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Remembering the pilots of the battle of britain
September 10, 2021   •   12 posts   •   215 views
Royal Air Force

Keith at Tregenna said — REMEMBERING THE PILOTS OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN From July to October 1940, much of the fighting during World War Two in Western Europe was concentrated in the skies above the channel ...

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Roger Wickens
September 06, 2021   •   2 posts   •   62 views
Crew - Listed Alphabetically

Roger Wickens said — SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD Full Name Roger Wickens Discharge Book Number R 761871 Department Catering Your Rank/Rating Waiter/Steward Which Ships were you on and When Orontes ...

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My Time at Sea
September 10, 2021   •   27 posts   •   2,994 views
General Articles

Steve Singleton said — Hello Colin, British BS indeed. Initially, I could see a reason for all the uniform stuff. When I was 18 and a newly qualified R/O...served on Blue Funnel... I had had fond memories ...

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RNLI Ferry service
September 08, 2021   •   131 posts   •   2,479 views
Ask the Forum

Lewis McColl said — So who agrees with the English Channel RNLI Ferry service. These economic refugees are putting their own lives at risk and they know that. They should be returned back to France ...

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The Submariner Memorial
September 07, 2021   •   10 posts   •   198 views
Royal Navy

Keith at Tregenna said — National Memorial Arboretum The turf has been cut ahead of the creation of a new memorial to submariners at the National Memorial Arboretum. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy ...

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Manchester Challenge
September 09, 2021   •   4 posts   •   86 views
Manchester Liners

Mervyn Rowlinson said — I am writing an article on the North Atlantic container trades - I am looking for a picture of the Manchester Challenge (or sisters). I would be grateful if anyone could supply ...

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