30th November 2021

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child murder
December 04, 2021   •   22 posts   •   445 views
News Snippets

Keith Tindell said — The two *things*, cannot call them humans, who have just been convicted of killing a 6 year old in the UK, should be hanged in my opinion, what right do they have to life?, having ...

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Don't mess with the cook
November 30, 2021   •   16 posts   •   512 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

John Arton said — A chief cook has been arrested after stabbing to death the ships captain, apparently he stabbed him 45 times in the chest, obviously a man who was thorough in his work. Rgds J.A. ...

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We are a generation that will never come back.
December 01, 2021   •   8 posts   •   227 views
Poetry & Ballads

Keith at Tregenna said — WE ARE A GENERATION THAT WILL NEVER COME BACK. A generation that went to school and walked back. A generation that did their homework alone to get out asap to play in the street. ...

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Loading containers
November 29, 2021   •   17 posts   •   452 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

John Arton said — Found this on the internet, how crane operators work loading containers on ships whilst sitting in their cabs 100ft above the ship, hope the video works. Rgds J.A. [link]

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Tractor powered
December 03, 2021   •   4 posts   •   116 views
Swinging the Lamp

Graham Shaw said — Thanks Mike! More info-in English.Oh those clever Russians! How the MTZ-80 tractor became a real car ferry PKR-25T The tractor is indispensable in agriculture, on the construction ...

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Emissions from ships
December 03, 2021   •   3 posts   •   69 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

John Arton said — The maritime industry is under pressure to vastly reduce its carbon emissions. A joint U.K and Norway project could provide an answer to how to reduce emissions. Rgds J.A. [link]

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Fairytale Of New York.
December 04, 2021   •   3 posts   •   88 views

Keith at Tregenna said — Getting near Christmas. The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York. [link]

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SS Trecarne Crew Lists
December 05, 2021   •   2 posts   ��   51 views
Hain Nourse Shipping

John J Newell said — Good afternoon, My name is John Newell. I am currently reserching the SS Trecarne which my grandfather (Donavon Ernest Newell) served on circa 1921-. Can anyone direct me to where ...

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M/v fando strait
November 29, 2021   •   11 posts   •   261 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Graham Shaw said — Quite Right Ivan,but it's not evident to anybody just 'skimming through' a post at unearthly times of the night , and to a non-seafarer the name significance (P and O) would not ...

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Pop Music of the 60's
November 30, 2021   •   16 posts   •   454 views

vic mcclymont said — The pirate radio station that began the music revolution in the UK Radio Caroline. Based on ship 3 miles off the coast of the UK, broadcasting non stop music. They even made a ...

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