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The Bars of Bone
May 02, 2022   •   1 post   •   26 views

David mullins said — To my mind Prince Line, part of the Furness Withy Group, was one of those shipping companies held in high esteem by Manchester seafarers. The majority of the fleet were small 3 hatch vessels with good accommodation and better than normal ...

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Torrey Canyon
May 01, 2022   •   13 posts   •   218 views
Swinging the Lamp

Harry Nicholson said — Another site got me thinking about the environmental disaster of the tanker, Torrey Canyon, that hit Cornish rocks in 1967. I had come ashore a few years earlier and was working ...

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Ellerman line City of Ely.
April 25, 2022   •   28 posts   •   789 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Johnny Kieran said — Anyone sail on the City of Ely around 1962? I considered it one of the worst things that could happen to a human being at the time, but look back on it as an adventure that not ...

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P&O Ferries
April 28, 2022   •   66 posts   •   2,011 views
P & O

j.sabourn said — #30 Never heard of it being a closed shop .It was an association . And called a union only in title when re-named Union as in Numast.It had no teeth and was more of a friendly ...

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Ronald Sydney Joyce
April 27, 2022   •   5 posts   •   135 views
Crew - Listed Alphabetically

Richard joyce said — SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD Full Name Ronald Sydney Joyce Discharge Book Number - Department Catering Your Rank/Rating Chief Steward Which Ships were you on and When MV Naticina ...

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William Rivers mariner born circa 1802 Cowes UK
May 01, 2022   •   4 posts   •   115 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Julie Rivers said — Hi all, I've searched the BT 113, 112, 120 In BT112/120 I found William Rivers born 1802 Cowes Isle of Wight. It looks as if his last ship was the Jannett around 1838. (Mate) there ...

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Flat irons
May 01, 2022   •   23 posts   •   717 views
Ask the Forum

David Bell-Lennan said — Mike. in 1972 on a trip back to my home town Grays went to the beach where as a boy I spent many hours. along from the beach Columbia Wharf and Wards Shipbreaking Yard the Collier ...

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Highlighted posts from Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2022
April 27, 2022   •   1 post   •   268 views
Missed a Newsletter - Find it here....

NickTheGreek said — Click here to view on the web||Highlighted posts|| Keith MobbsApril 21, 2022 * 10 posts * 153 views Crew - Listed AlphabeticallyKeith Mobbs said: Transvaal Castle - later FestivaleApril ...

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Paul Piddock
April 27, 2022   •   1 post   •   39 views
Crew - Listed Alphabetically

Paul Piddock said — SHIPS NAME AND SERVICE RECORD Full Name Paul Piddock Discharge Book Number R 911665 Department Catering Your Rank/Rating Bell Boy, Steward, Catering Officer Which Ships were you ...

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Article on R.M.S. EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND (1942-57)
April 26, 2022   •   1 post   •   35 views
Canadian Pacific

Peter Kohler said — I have added an article on Canadian Pacific's R.M.S. EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND to my blog "Wanted on Voyage" [link] This is a comprehensive operational history of this magnificent vessel, ...

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