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Clan Line Vittoria Dock
July 25, 2022   •   4 posts   •   49 views
Swinging the Lamp

James Curry said — It has been a few years since I was down this way. I wonder if it is still there as is.N o doubt one or two on here will have signed on and off alongside here. ...

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William Henry Neale Atkinson
July 22, 2022   •   25 posts   •   633 views
Requests for Help

Kathie Atkinson said — Hi, I'm needing help with some loose ends. From the internet and Dad's discharge cert.1016935, I've discovered a lot: e.g. aged 17 he was 2nd WO on SS Narragansett, a fuel tanker called to a mid-Atlantic rescue of burning MV Volturno (1913 ...

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tracing details for a friend (ex MN)
July 24, 2022   •   10 posts   •   174 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Glyn Jones said — I am trying to find details of a discharge book for a pal, whose Dad was in MN around 1915? as an engineer. All the information I have is as follows: Name: Llewellyn Jenkins DOB ...

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July 22, 2022   •   10 posts   •   164 views
News Snippets

vic mcclymont said — From todays papers. The Mod will station nuclear subs in Perth Australia. The subs will patrol the seas around the North coasts. The subs will also be used to train Australian ...

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British Hussar/1967/1968
July 24, 2022   •   14 posts   •   312 views
Ask the Forum

Martin Lewis said — I was serving as 4th eng.on Hussar on my second UK/Kharg Island trip,november,1967. There had been a crew change in I.O.Grain,at which time Malcom Coates joined as Extra 4th eng. ...

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Wonder if anybody has photo of this ship ?
July 20, 2022   •   8 posts   •   168 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Robert George Young said — 6707973 Year: 1967 Name: LONDON BRIDGE Type: Bulk carrier Flag: GBR

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Eduard Bohlen – the Land-Locked Shipwreck
July 21, 2022   •   5 posts   •   182 views
General Member Discussion

Doc Vernon said — Hi all I was just reading this Article of some interest, after coming across it in just general searching the Internet, and after reading was thinking how things are possible, ...

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Terrible Coincidence.
July 21, 2022   •   17 posts   •   743 views
General Member Discussion

j.sabourn said — #12. Wife and myself were in Buckingham Palace in 1991 Fouro. At the head of the main staircase leading into the ballroom was the figure of a horse guardsman in the red uniform ...

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Britain’s oldest shipwreck found....
July 21, 2022   •   4 posts   •   140 views
News Snippets

Des Taff Jenkins said — Hi Marian. At first I was undecided if you were talking about me or Cappy LoL. Des

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New Container Route.
July 19, 2022   •   2 posts   •   102 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

vic mcclymont said — KC Shipping of Glasgow has announced a new direct container route from Greenock to China. Initially the ships will only carry 1600 containers in each direction. Vic

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