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DEMS GUNNERS - Confused and seeking clarification
November 20, 2019   •   53 posts   •   5,779 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Hazel Stringer said — Following a blip in the system this thread failed. At the request of a moderator I am reposting: My father in law's wedding cert. says "Gunner RA now on war service". his name does not appear in RA records. 1. As i understand it there was ...

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‘The Best of Days’.
January 13, 2022   •   7 posts   •   405 views
Personal Tales and Stories

Harry Nicholson said — Baptism stories! There's been time to get over my own baptism. A snip from my memoir ‘The Best of Days’. My dad has seen me off from West Hartlepool railway station. His words of advice still whisper 66 years later: ‘Don’t play cards ...

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A Seaman's Story - My follow-up research
April 09, 2017   •   5 posts   •   81 views
The Merchant Navy in Wartime

Hugh said — ... First brought to my attention by Keith. Those interested in the war at sea may be interested to watch this 13-minute production by the Realistic Film Unit. Made during WW2, in 1942, It tells the story ...

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The Beira Patrol on an RFA tanker
February 28, 2012   •   11 posts   •   7,794 views
Royal Fleet Auxillary

Heathenscot said — Hi Mates I sailed on the RFA "Tidesurge" on 23/Jan/1968 as an EDH. I remember the first day we had a RAS (Refuel At Sea) I stood and didn't do a thing, there were hoses, lines, and pulley's everywhere, I hadn't a clue. Slowly we learned the ...

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The new london
July 29, 2022   •   9 posts   •   246 views
My Travels

happy daze john in oz said — London, city of my birth but no longer the city I grew up in. A tourist mecca, a place to visit but not to stay. A city of diversity such as never seen before. A city of prices ...

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Search For Army Service records
July 30, 2022   •   6 posts   •   271 views
Ask the Forum

john walker said — An old friend and ship mate has asked if I can find any records of His Fathers Military service. Unfortunately the guy died in a car crash which my friend survived in the late ...

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July 30, 2022   •   6 posts   •   164 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Mo Docherty said — Reina Del Mar (PSNCo:1956-1964) Reina Del Mar was the last PSNCo pasenger ship on their South American route, entering service in April 1956. She had been built by Harland & Wolff ...

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New Zealand Coastal Shipping
July 29, 2022   •   3 posts   •   160 views
News Snippets

Bill Morrison said — Reported in this month's Sea Breezes. Maersk to launch coastal service in New Zealand. Two 2,550 TEU container vessels, Maersk Nadi and Maersk Nansha on a weekly basis. Ports served ...

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MS Palomares 1949
July 29, 2022   •   3 posts   •   50 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Robert George Young said — On dads discharge book it as RA Spain Please explain RA ? I think its loading up and make your way home...good pay? Basically you don't do the other leg to Spain? Would he have ...

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Port Transport
July 25, 2022   •   4 posts   •   126 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Linda Crisp said — Hi One of my ancestors in 1827 is a Ports Transport. does this mean he is on longer on a ship and working at a port? Sorry if this is a question that sounds a bit silly. Linda

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