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Norwegian Flag; Post WW2 Reparation
August 15, 2022   •   13 posts   •   290 views
Research Help - Where to look

Mervyn Rowlinson said — Dear Shipmates: I am trying to find information on the Oslo registered SS Basis. This steamer ran down the the Alexandra Towing tug, Toxteth in 1948 in the River Mersey, Birkenhead. I was interested to find that she was built as Palmyra ...

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Bangladeshi War of IndependenceIndo-Pakistani War of 1971
February 16, 2016   •   35 posts   •   20,408 views
General Articles

Doc Vernon said — PLEASE NOTE This Article is being posted on behalf of Red Lead Ted India-Pakistan Conflict Hub NB: Please note that the copyright of all the material belongs to CTW Houston, as the beneficiary of Capt HP Houston's will. Any use of ...

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Discharge Book numbering from WW 2 to 1972 for British seamen
March 21, 2012   •   158 posts   •   37,276 views
Ask the Forum

David Snook said — I've done some research on Discharge Books and Discharge A numbers from WW2 to 1972 to try and get an idea of the turnover of British seamen over the period. Typical numbers issued for various years are 1940 R 217400 1943 R 230000 ...

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P&O ferries
September 30, 2022   •   2 posts   •   174 views
General Member Discussion

James Curry said — The only seafarer to turn down a payoff when P&O Ferries sacked more than 800 workers without notice has won a claim for unfair dismissal against the shipping giant. [link] The ...

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Sydney two weeks today
October 01, 2022   •   1 post   •   109 views
Merchant Navy General Postings

Robert George Young said — Long Journey from Jersey U.K. Hoping to meet two people If times suit my new friends Visit number of places dad went in early 1950's

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Highlighted posts from Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2022
September 28, 2022   •   1 post   •   262 views
Missed a Newsletter - Find it here....

NickTheGreek said — Click here to view on the web||Highlighted posts|| In times of war 1939-45.September 12, 2022 * 27 posts * 1,061 views Merchant Navy General PostingsJohn F Collier said: Dad's ...

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first yellow peril
September 27, 2022   •   14 posts   •   930 views
Everard & Co

Robbie Kaye said — hi Phil, i was cook/stwd with him on the Ability back in 72/73, nice old man.

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September 28, 2022   •   18 posts   •   2,316 views
Bank Line

Steve Peacock said — Hi Guys, in response to those who think a "Career at Sea" is a thing of the past. this is not the case and plenty of opportunities still exist for those who try. My 3 sons are ...

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