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Charvel Pro-Mod SD Bass V PJ PP


5-String electric bass Alder body Caramelised maple neck Caramelised maple fingerboard Cream-coloured dot fingerboard inlays Neck finish: Hand applied matte urethane lacquer Neck profile: Speed neck with rolled fingerboard edges Licensed Fender Stratocaster headstock Compound fretboard radius: 304.8 - 406.4 mm (12" - 16") Nut width: 44.45 mm (1.75") Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut 20 Jumbo frets Pickups: DiMarzio Area J DP551 single coil (bridge) and Charvel 5-string split coil P split coil 3-Band EQ in   

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Discussed in A little help choosing a 5 string bass in the TalkBass community

Daniel Swain

Hey There Folks I am new to this forum as I just registered, so hello everybody. I am a composer / music producer from England and have been researching a 5 string bass to buy. I will be using it for my music production day job which requires ultimate versatility and also for my personal projects which is a merger of electronic ... ... more

Maxi Funkl

Be prepared to fix pre-amp and grounding issues of both Charvel Basses. I personally didn't like the neck on the 5'er of either. I own the Charvel P/J IV I put in a Audere pre-amp its still not absolutely quite due to the hot Dimarzio pickups and as my guitar tech told me the way those are wrapped have a lot to do with ... ... more


Player plus. This is my 5 [image] It's a Squier contemporary Jazz hh I put big singles in it, and a new pre amp. It'll do absolutely anything I want it to. And it'll do it very well. But, it needs a little fretwork (cheap chinese instrument), and I don't personally care for active electronics. But, it still does anything ... ... more


The four are quite different from each other. * If you don't mind narrow string spacing and the absence of an EQ by-pass switch, I'd say the Charvel JJ. A 35"-scale 5-string jazz bass is a real sweet thing. * But if, like me, you prefer wider string spacing (similar to a 4-string) I'd go for the Player Plus. I have one, ... ... more


There are LOADS of options nowadays. A fairly common bass for versatility with producers is also the Lakland 55-02, I would add it to the list. It records very nicely. They aren't too uncommon, you should be able to find one to try out without too much difficulty. AFAIK, GuitarGuitar is still the UK Lakland distributor. ... ... more


Spare yourself £600 + and go for an Ibanez SR305E. I've known folk rate them higher than their Fenders. More money doesn't always mean a better instrument. Are you near a PMT? They will price match. All three of my basses came from there. I know I'm going to get ripped into for not being a Fender worshipper. ... more

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