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1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bass
US $2000.00 on eBay


1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bass. This bass was professionally refinished in the late 90’s. How can you resist a cow pattern??? It’s in great condition. Bass has original pickups, pots and bridge. The commemorative 76 pick guard is original. The tuners were replaced with Fender brand. Sounds perfect, big and bold like a TBird should. Cool bass for stage!  

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Discussed in Thunderbird Club in the TalkBass community


I ran across this refinished 76 Bird on eBay. Interesting choice for a refin. 1976 Gibson Thunderbird Bass | eBay ... more


Ugggh I need to get that image out of my mind now. ... more


Huh. I would be all over that even in its current atrocious state. Assuming it goes for 2k, add a Pat Wilkins refinish for about $750, that's still below what Bicentennials seem to be going for. ... more


Which I did in the waters off of Corpus Christie. I was about neck deep in water when I saw the balloon shaped Man of War body float by me about 3 feet away. Ten seconds later I was in agonizing pain across my back, chest and neck. Best I can describe it - each tentacle (which can be several feet long) is like a string ... ... more


I was more interested in the bass @GonePlaid is selling. I assume he at least took the pictures... gibson thunderbird bass guitar | eBay:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: ... more


I bet it nails that angry cow tone. ... more


this shit ALWAYS shows up when I dump a chunk of change on something else.... I would play it in cow form for a while before correcting it... [link] ... more


The owner prolly works at Chick-fil-a. ... more

Syd Rayne

Maybe he's got two, and he's keeping the udder one. If I owned it, I'd affectionately name it Count Bessie. And I'd play a lot of Don't Fear The Reaper on it, because, well, you know what they ask for... ... more


"How can you resist a cow pattern???" ...pretty easily really. ... more

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