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The PJ HZ SET combines our P HZ and LJ HZ pickups, giving bass players who prefer the response and feel of a passive pickup with the flexibility and tone known to EMG. Both pickups use Alnico 5 pole piece magnets covered by a solid cap for amazing clarity and sonic range. This set can be used as a direct replacement for all Fender-style PJ instruments. All EMG passive pickups include a solderless wiring harness. String grounding is recommended to further decrease noise.  

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Discussed in SPECTOR® Owners Club in the TalkBass community


Hello, I've been on Talkbass for many years. Brand new to this thread. I'm looking for some help/advice. I placed an order for a US NS2. I am looking for a slightly mellower version of "The Spector sound". I have not been able to find much info on the EMG PJHZ Set. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with these ... ... more


I find the X-series to respond more like passive pickups, but still sound like EMG's. Don't dime the preamp, and it will be much more mellow. Use some NPS strings, all things go a long way. I don't know that swapping to HZ pickups will give you the desired outcome. You would probably be better with Nordstrand or Bart passives ... ... more


I have a US Spector NS-2 four-string on order. I'm an old school 60s tone fan and fully expect to EQ the sound I want with a modern amp. I went with standard EMG PJ-X pickups and 9v HAZ preamp. I specified Swamp Ash wings instead of maple for weight reduction, and a 1 1/2" nut. I had a Euro NS-2 JA-R for a couple of years. ... ... more


Well the Walnut wings should lend themselves to a darker sounding bass anyway. I've not played a Walnut Spector but own a neck through Chapman that has Walnut wings and maple neck w/walnut stringers. It was very dark when I bought it. I dumped the pickups in it for some Duncan blackouts and an Audere pre. Sounds great and ... ... more

Arthur U. Poon

I own two Euros. One has the standard active EMG PJ set, and the other has active PX/JX's. I definitely hear a difference. I think the standard series pickups sound more aggressive, especially when I "dig into" my strings. The X's that I have sound more dynamic and "open". But both models that I have still are pretty bright ... ... more

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