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Bass Aerobics
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- Instrumentation: Bass

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Discussed in Critique my playing, please in the TalkBass community


Hey all, I'm fairly new to bass and new to this site. I've been playing guitar for quite a while though. Before I go to far down the road with bass, I'd like to make sure I have decent technique before I develop any bad habits that are hard to break. Below is a video of me playing workout 1 from Jon Liebman's Bass Aerobics ... ... more


I think you're playing is very uniform, solid and steady, and across all four strings which can be tricky when getting started. I would think this is a great starting point for a bass player. I can't help much with a critique of your technique since I'm also learning, but I say keep at it and continue as your are now. You'll ... ... more


Well, it's clean. You do got that going for you. You need to get your hands dirty. Loosen up your fingers, and roll through the strings. It's not a pluck, for say. You aren't playing a banjo. Roll across and through the strings, straight into the next one up. Soft, hard, muted, angry, whatever. Beat the string down, yank ... ... more


All I'd say is to play with more confidence and standing up right away. You will find it harder, the longer you play only sitting. Everything else looks good and great for a newbie ... more


You bought a book on bass studies... you showed up, you studied, you executed. That puts you in the top % and you are doing fantastic. 'Proper' (xxx fill in the blank) with music technique is a misnomer after you reach a certain point, particularly with electric bass. There may be 'examples' of good habits to guide you, ... ... more


I think all this needs is a bit more confidence. ... more


OK, I am putting my college hat on. Your technique looks excellent. Your time is pretty good. Some hesitancy which is understandable. You are playing in a monotone. Would you talk the way you play. That exercise is intended to be musical. Suggestion, SING the exercise. Make the phrasing you. Then go play it on your bass. ... ... more

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