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Fender Player Jazz Bass Plus Top Limited-Edition
$879.99 on Guitar Center


The Limited-Edition Player Jazz Bass Plus Top in Blue Burst delivers everything a bass player expects from a traditional Jazz Bass, but adds a stunning flame maple veneer. Loaded with Player Jazz Bass Pickups, this bass is powerful and articulate with well-balanced tone for any number of playing styles. The Blue Burst finish over flame maple makes ... Click To Read More About This Product  

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Discussed in The Fender Jazz Bass Club Part Seven!!! in the TalkBass community

Malak the Mad

Would it be too much to ask if the "Collective All-Y'all" could do me a favor and buy up all these flame-topped, blueburst Fender Jazzes SO I CAN'T?!??! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: ... ... more


if you find those irresistible, look at this. fsr traditional 70s in blue burst. i think they are mikigakki exclusive finish. [image] ... more


I played one yesterday too! It needed fret work too. The top looks really great in person. ... more

Malak the Mad

What specs and colors are you looking for? Something of a '70s-era bend, perhaps? After all, there are some fundamental differences between Players/Standards and ones from the Classics, Vinteras and Geddy-sigs. Personally, if I were in the market for an off-the-shelf, '70s-style Jazz, I'd do some digging to see if I could ... ... more

Malak the Mad

No problem! Glad to help a future club member! :thumbsup: So, if you're looking for an all-maple neck, then that reduces your options to either a Geddy-sig, a Player (the current MIM Standard Jazz), one of the new 75th Anniversary Jazzes or one of the Player Plus Jazzes I linked above. The rest all depends on what baked-in ... ... more


It's funny. I have a hard bias towards the Player Plus and the 75th. To the point I had a 75th on order before going with my Player Jazz. Which I think has gotten more compliments than any other bass I've owned. The 75th was everything I wanted in a Jazz Bass. Funky finish, 60's pickups, maple fretboard, matching headstock. ... ... more

Malak the Mad

I don't own any, but the limited edition Player Plus Top Jazzes I've sampled have all been pretty damn fine. If you can, see if you can sample one. (If you haven't seen already, and if you can get one south of the border, Guitar Center has them on sale right now. ;)) ... more

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