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Set of 4 (4X) CTS TAOT Custom 525K Potentiometers - SHORT SPLIT Knurled Shaft - Audio Taper - 10% Tolerance - 500K
$21.38 on The Art of Tone


4X (Lot of 4) CTS Custom Spec'd 525K short/split, knurled shaft, audio taper potentiometers. We're are pleased to offer our own custom branded and spec'd pots manufactured by CTS. These are identical in construction to CTS's high quality 450G series pots, but we spec'd them at 525K. At 10% tolerance the value of these pots can range from 475K to 575K, and the majority of these pots will be in the 500K to 550K range. This means no exceptionally low or high resistance pots that can be found when u  

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