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Gibson USA SG Standard Bass Pelham Blue w/Tortoise Pickguard


Known for its double cutaway, the SG is the best-selling Gibson of all time, digging its horns deep into a wide variety of musicians since evolving out of the famed Les Paul in 1961. It continues to be a near-ubiquitous fixture of blues, rock, and popular music to this day, and now more so than ever with the Gibson USA Standard Bass. The SG Standard Bass features a solid mahogany body and neck with rounded profile, one-piece rosewood fingerboard, 30.5” scale length, Rhythm and Lead SG Bass picku  

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Discussed in Thunderbird Club in the TalkBass community


Such a display of disdain. :rolleyes: ... more


no tort, no sunburst, not now, not ever... ... more


Looks great aside from the tort IMO. Of course I am one of those shallow weirdos that hates tort on 99.99999999% of basses/guitars. :meh: ... more


I'd hit that. The OD one doesn't look that great. ... more


This is much needed in the bass world. Who can even name a bass with tort on it? I hear they will be doing a 3 tone Sunburst soon to fill that vast void. :confused::poop:o_O:poop::rollno::poop::bored::poop::eek::poop::vomit::poop::banghead::poop::spit::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: ... more


So wish they would do a Thunderbird in this color: [link] Yeah, it has tort. I like tort. Screw the haters. Also for @MCF : [link] ... more


Time to post this again:smug: [image] ... more


I just can't get into the olive drab guitars and basses, but that's fine. Lots of people don't get into what I'm into. Like tort. I've never understood the revulsion. And that's OK, too. I guess the OD birds are perfect for when you're with your unit on patrol behind enemy lines but need to stop for an electric jam every ... ... more


Actually I'm cool with tort on basses that it looks natural on, such as FSO. Not as keen on using it on Gibson Shaped Objects though. To me, it looks perfectly at home on the Gibby EB13 because it's a FSO. Now that spoiled guacamole green SG isn't a color I'd typically be drawn to, but to each his own, and just glad Gibby ... ... more

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