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3-PIN XLR Angle Adapter | Dual Male & Female, Durable Metal 3-Pin Connector w/ 4 Adjustable Angle Positions & Tight Connection to Mixer | Save Space & Keep Mic Cables Neat On Stage, in Studio & More
$16.99 on Amazon


DUAL 3-PIN XLR ANGLE ADAPTER | Convenient L-Shaped Connector Allows You to Adjust Cable Placement as it Attaches to Equipment & Direction as it Sits on Stage | Smart, Simple Solution for Mixers That Interfere With Other Applications

FULLY ADJUST, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE | Device Adjusts in [4] Ways – Right, Left, Up & Down 90° – for Limitless Positioning Options | Unscrew Locking Pin & Use Pliers to Rotate Male or Female End Until You Reach Desired Position [Do Not Exceed 360°]


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