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Pen Barrel Mill Trimmer set, 7-Pieces Professional Pen Turners Barrel Trimming System with Cutter Shaft, Cutting Head, Adaptor Sleeve and Hex Key Wrench by SILIVN - Hardened Steel
$19.66 on Amazon


♦ A COMPLETE BARREL TRIMMING SYSTEM - This kit includes the four most popular size trimmers 7mm, 8mm, 3/8" and 10mm pilot shaft, 3/4" square end cutter, allen wrench & sleeve adapter.To meet the demands of the most discriminating pen maker.

♦ PERFECT FOR PEN TRUNING - An essential step for making a quality pen project is to squarethe end of your pen blanks and pen tubes prior to final pen kit assembly.Now you have this precision trimming system that squares the end of the blank perfectly

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