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Fender FBSS610 Short Scale Bass Gig Bag, Black
$36.00 on Amazon


Designed to fit short-scale basses

600 denier polyester

10mm padding with soft touch microfiber lining

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Discussed in Fender Mustang Club in the TalkBass community


Fender Short Scale Gig Bags are on sale: $36 Seems like a good price to me. (I paid more :() [link] ... more

Doctor Morbius

THANK YOU so very much!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I've been holding out for just such a deal. I ordered the maximum number allowable, which is 4 for anyone who is interested. Now some of my shorties will have a "real" home as opposed to sticking out of the top of a guitar gig bag ghetto style. ... ... more


:woot: That's less than half the normal price from! :woot: . ... more

Tex Bass

I just looked at the Q&A section at the bottom. One poster says it does not fit his mustang, so you might want to proceed with caution. (Didn't notice if size specs were listed) However, it does appear that various sizes are offered so it's possible he got the wrong size. [image] ... more


This was kinda nagging at me. I didn't want to lead anyone astray. The link I posted was to the FBSS610 gig bag. [link] The screen shot posted above is for the FESS610 Electric Guitar Gig Bag. [image] ... more

Tex Bass

Yeah, that makes sense- when you go to that order page link. they list about 4 or 5 different choices that you select with the highlight box, so even though "short scale bass" is selected, I think the Q&A section and maybe reviews are a combination of all the offered sizes, rather than specific to bass. ... more


~ Looks like I "Missed it by THAT much !" [Maxwell Smart] Even so, the linked page is on Amazon USA, so the price would have been $36 USD, yes ? Neither AZ CA nor USA seem to have this deal now. Adorama still shows it, but it is also in USD, plus shipping to Canada, plus border fees. I can just imagine the final total ! ... ... more

Doctor Morbius

Yes, Amazon USA. The deal is still showing at $36. Limit of 4 though. [link] ... more


~ Something strange is happening. I still do not see that price at that link, only $59.95 USD from Arkansas Music Works. Also, I am in Canada, and last time that I saw you post about your own location, IIRC you had said that you were here too, in the far North. Now your avatar says Indianapolis under it, and if that is ... ... more


Fender Mustang Club [image] :thumbsup: ... more

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