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Yamaha BB734A Bass Guitar - Translucent Matte Black
$789.99 on Sweetwater


4-string Electric Bass Guitar with 3-pc Alder and Maple Body, 5-pc Maple and Mahogany Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, 2 Single-coil Pickups, and Active Preamp - Translucent Matte Black  

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Discussed in If you had to buy one of these basses which would you choose and why? in the TalkBass community


No wrong answers. I'm just looking for opinions. Fender Jaguar Bass Limited Edition Ebony Fingerboard Black $929 [link] Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray34HH Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Bass Stealth Black $699 on sale [link] Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass - Black $824 Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass - Black Yamaha BB734A Bass Guitar ... ... more


Aerodyne. i love my Pj and would assume this is just a lighter, better playing instrument. Love the bound Jazz body. That said, I'd love to check out the Yamaha first before making my decision. ... more


I voted Aerodyne because I have one. Ergonomically, I love it and I love the neck. However, a lot of people (including myself) do not find the stock pickups very inspiring and end up swapping them not long after purchase. I went with the EMG Geezer PJ set and a set of LaBella black tapewounds. Two "drawbacks" with this ... ... more

Kipp Harrington

For me, It boils down to the Aerodyne and The Sterling StingRay. The Aerodyne is just a sweet looking bass and I have read several reports from owners that it plays and sounds as good as it looks. But then you've got the StingRay. I mean, come on, everybody needs a Ray! If you don't currently have one in your stable, I ... ... more


1st Choice = Fender Aerodyne. Reason: It's an all purpose bass, looks amazing, easy to upgrade (if desired) AND if should you decide to trade or sell later, it will move quickly (Important Factor IMHO, what genre of music you play the most often, if applicable)? 2nd Choice = Yamaha. Reason: Quality is almost unquestionable ... ... more

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