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Fender Rumble 500 2x10" 500-watt Bass Combo Amp
$649.00 on Sweetwater


Vintage Vibe with Modern Features!

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If you're after maximum low-end thump, choose the Rumble 500 Combo. This black beast offers a pummeling 500 watts, complete with both gain and blend controls in the overdrive section, so you can bring the perfect amount of overdrive into your sound. In fact, an optional footswitch is available that lets you easily bring the overdrive in and out whenever you need

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Discussed in Fender Rumble 500 vs Orange Crush (Differences) in the TalkBass community


Hi Everybody, I'm new to playing so apologies if this is a stupid question, but I was wondering if someone could please educate me on why this Orange combo amp is so much more ... ... more


In the seventies I had this huge Orange rig with amps plugged into amps plugged into folded horn speaker cabinets I had no idea how it all was hooked up and had to ask where to plug in. It was the worst horrible sound and I asked for my Fender 100w and 2×15 cab back! But you may have been in heaven with your love of distortion ... ... more

Johnny Em

I think you may be confusing the current Crush Bass 100 combo ($569...follow the link you posted) with the no longer available OB1-300 combo (OB1-300 Combo - Orange Amps). The OB1-300 paired the OB1-300 amp ($800) with a 15" Eminence speaker in an enclosure built to house the speaker with additional space to mount the amp. ... ... more

Don Sanders

I'm confused looking at the links you provided the Orange is $80 cheaper ‍♂️ ... more

JR Bass 62

If you want very reliable great sounding equipment check this company. One of the amps I been using for years. These have distortion if you need it. I would look at a pedal for effects. Good Luck.. [link] ... more


What Kind of Bass do you play? for eg. I find jazz bass type of basses goes well w/2x10" but if ur using Say Precision or 5 String bass w/Low B ; 1x15 might be the choice.And I would never choose bass amps based on a brand. bring your bass to the store and A/B both of them. ... more


First of all, the Orange is a solid state amp, so that fabled Orange overdrive sound is not gonna be the same in this amp. You're better off - seriously - finding an Orangey OD pedal, like the Tech 21 Oxford or Joyo Orange Juice (which I use and love). Secondly, the question as to why it's so expensive, that's because it's ... ... more

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