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Blackstar Fly 3 Bass Pack 1x3" 3-watt Bass Combo Amp with Cabinet and Power Supply
$129.00 on Sweetwater


The Blackstar Fly 3 Bass amplifier stack package offers powerful tone for writing, practicing, and even recording. You won't believe how close this tiny stack sounds to a large bass amp when you connect the included Fly 103 extension cabinet to the Fly 3 Bass combo amp. Each unit pushes a huge amount of low end thanks to their specially designed cabinets and 3" speakers. This combination also offers true stereo performance, delivering a wide sonic field. Grab the Fly 3 Bass package from Sweetwat  

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Discussed in The Mediocre Bassist Club in the TalkBass community

El Diablo Rojo

Good morning fellow travelers! The bass playing daughter has already outgrown the VOX headphone amp I gave her and wants a practice amp. She lives in an apartment so it can't be too loud or too big. My first inclination was Rumble 25 (solid amp good tone). Then I ran across this. Anyone used or heard one? Blackstar Fly ... ... more


I had a Rumble 25 when I first moved up to Spokane. I thought it was a great amp. I bought it off craigslist after having flown up to Spokane with the intention of driving back. I had no instruments because of flying (arrrg!). I got it cheap since the cabinet was damaged. The seller had wrapped a bunch of black duct tape ... ... more


I have one and I managed to blow out the tiny speaker. I don't think it's very rugged. I'd be tempted by a Rumble and a good pair of headphones. ... more

Volker Kirstein

I had a Blackstar Fly 3. It was OK. I mean, it amplifyed the bass to about normal speaking volumes, but has no real bass response. It sounds small. Duh. Whaddaya expect for a tiny speaker? That being said, it was surprisingly OK. You can practice with it. You will not disturb anyone in the next room. I got a Vision VB-25 ... ... more


Peanut jelly & butter? :wacky: Fender used to have a little 15w combo they called the "Frontman:" [image] No super-fat low end to it with that little cone, but it's decent enough for noodling without provoking the neighbors. After I got my Rumble 30, the Frontman was relocated to the workbench area, where it became the ... ... more


I can't offer any comparison, as I've got no experience with much else, but I love my little Orange Crush Bass 25. It sounds great, even at low volumes. I've practiced at night, and the volume goes low enough to not bother anyone else in the house. It doesn't quite have the lungs to keep up with a band, if they like a lot ... ... more


I've had unit for about 7 years. I've used it to roam children's hospital rooms with a few members of my uke group. I added D rings for a strap to hang it on me. It will work well for practice. [image] ... more


Whew well I can't say I'm really caught up because I had to skim. But howdy, all. Now that I've finally had a chance to read that whole post...I think what's worrisome about it is that the music numbers and trends are part of a larger trend among the arts in general. I mean, films are mostly retreads, as it points out. ... ... more

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