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Blackstar HT5R MKII 1x12" 5-watt Tube Combo Amp with Reverb
$549.99 on Sweetwater


Five Watts of Scorching Tube Tone

The HT-5R has always been a top seller for Blackstar. At five watts, it’s the quintessential low-watt practice amp. And the MkII version ups the ante with revoiced channels and a plethora of player-friendly features borrowed from its higher-watt brethren. The HT-5R MkII’s upgraded clean channel epitomizes the modern boutique tone, while its drive channel serves up a muscular array of distorted textures. And thanks to Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Fe

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Jason Hollar

Blackstar HT5R MKII 1x12" 5-watt Tube Combo Amp with Reverb Anybody here play a Blackstar? This little guy looks like it checks all the boxes I need for a bluesy, rock type gig - plus some direct recording out features etc. is this stuff legit? ... more


The 1w version was top of my list before I found the Vox. Excellent youtube demos, rave reviews. Would love to hear some first hand experience as well! ... more


PS if you (or any of the 6-stringers here) haven't poked around TDPRI I highly recommend it. I joined last year and it's a lovely place with helpful folks. It's like the Bizzaro TB! :roflmao: To that end, lots of info (and love) for the Blackstar HT5 over there: blackstar ht5 tdpri - Google Search ... more


Our guitarist used one for a few years, the 30W combo that weighed a ton. It always sounded good from my side of the stage. He only sold it because he could no longer lift it (medical reasons). He replaced it with a plastic sounding 75W (?) Boss combo. This has just been replaced by a D.V. Mark head and cab which I have ... ... more


Blackstar gets plenty of love from Rock and Rock Blues players and they have a very usable clean tone. For 'blues' think Gary Moore, Robin Trower etc not Buddy Guy, BB King,) Not meant to coax out those old blues tones. At 5w, 90% of this feature set is certainly aimed at the OD channel and lower volume practice. Tonally ... ... more

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