DC/DC 15V-40V to 12V Voltage Regulator,24V to 12V,step-down module,DCMWX buck converter,waterproof power adapt


Converter Type:Step-down(Buck) Converters;

DC/DC 24V to 12V20A DCMWX power converters;

24V step-down 12V 20A; 24V buck 12V20A;

Input Voltage: 24V;Input range: 15V to 40V

Output Voltage: DC12V ±2%;Output Current: 20A(MAX) Apply within 20A Can be ok.

DC-DC Non-isolated Power Converters; Converter Type:Step-down(Buck) Converters; Brand Name:DCMWX; Model Number:MWX-24-12-240W; Iutput Voltage:DC24V(Wide voltage range:15V~40V); Output Voltage:DC12V; Output Curren

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