RB OE Caliper BBK BBK (390/390) for Tesla S Plaid (P/N 2681-K & 2643-K)


Overview Reviews Product Description RB OE Caliper BBK BBK (390/390) for Tesla S Plaid (P/N 2681-K & 2643-K) The brake system is designed and developed by RB with decades of experience in high performance brake system to bring you the best value brake upgrade for your 2021+ Plaid & Long Range. Kit includes: 2 ea - Front oversized 2 pc rotors 2 ea - Raar oversized 2 pc rotors 1 car set - Stainless steel braied brake line 1 car set - Brake pads (street) 1 set - Front caliper spacer and hardware ki  

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I will be upgrading to this kit soon as it comes out in few weeks. They are only 25 mins from my house so nice to drive over and see how they operate RB OE Caliper BBK BBK (390/390) for Tesla S Plaid (P/N 2681-K & 2643-K) they make a bigger kit also with new 6 piston calipers. RB System BBK (420/390) for Tesla Plaid & LR; ... ... more


Okay, so although I'm a complete dumb-dumb and novice in terms of brakes and tracking a car (twisty track that is as I've aken many of my previous ICE vehicles down the straight line 1/4 mi. track hundreds of times), I sought the advice of @lolachampcar to discuss this very same issue which is downright scary when trying ... ... more


I would be very interested in seeing some real world results from an upgrade to 2 piece rotors. These claims seem overly optimistic. Yes, 2 piece should dissipate heat better than one piece. But thus car has very small rotors compared to its mass, so it does seem like a lot of money for no upgrade in diameter or width. ... ... more


19" SV104 will clears the following RB OE Caliper BBK BBK (400/390) for Tesla S Plaid (P/N 2681-K & 2643-K) (390mm rear) or RB CCB System Kit (420/410) for Tesla Plaid & LR Front & Rear (P/N 2R44-K & 2R49-K) ... more


@SignatureSales you're a hawk to notice that I was referred to the SV104s not stock 19s. Thank you for weighing in! ... more


Signature Wheel did their home work to have the clearance duly verified and that would be our 400/390 kit. (If you have OE 19" it only fits the front but not the rear.) This kit also allows customer who already purchased the stock replacement 380/365 kit for a seamless upgrade by replacing only the rotor rings and adding ... ... more


That 400/390 kit looks really nice. Any feedback on front/rear bias performance on the Plaid? ... more

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