TST 18" Tesla Model 3 Wheel (Set of 4)


Specifications (Fits All Tesla Model 3 Variants)Size: 18x8.5"Offset: +35Bolt Pattern (PCD): 5x114.3Center Bore: 64.1 Construction: Flow ForgedWeight: 21 lbsLoad Rating: 750 kg/1,650 lbsTire Size: 235/45-18Colors: Brilliant Silver, Space Gray, Gloss Black, and Satin Black.Description18 inch TST wheel built exclusively for the Tesla Model 3.Manufactured in a Flow Forged Process.Fits all Tesla Model 3 variants (Single Motor, Dual Motor, Performance).Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J  

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Discussed in Tire Advice after pothole in the Tesla Motors Club community


Get four 18" rims that look like the 20" and then sell the 20" rims. I've been pretty lucky with the 19" rims on my AWD Model 3, but if I had a choice, I'd go with 18" ones that look just like them. I just don't get why Telsa sells their cars with ridiculously huge rims that are just begging to be bent. ... more


The P model has larger caliper so not all stock Tesla wheels will fit. For instance the 18 areo will not fit the P. I am not sure if the 19 would. There are aftermarket wheels in 18" that does fir but an individual would have to choose if they are comfortable with the warranty implications. ... more


Thanks for this! That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do once I wear down my 19" tires. So sick of fixing my wheels - bent 3 wheels this winter alone. ... more


18" rims wont accomdate his performance brakes i dont think. 19" is the lowest. unless you have the stealth performance... Also 18" will always just have fatter looking tires and for many people looks are more important than performance unfortunately. Im very happy with my stealth performance. it eats potholes for breakfast. ... more


Once I wear through my 19" tires, I think some Tsportline 18s are in my future. [link] Now that said - the Tesla service center's only option is to replace the wheel. There ARE wheel shops that can repair many different kinds of damage. Some wheels are "too far gone" of course but they can work some minor miracles. Silverstar ... ... more


Yea I meant not 20's and all seasons. Are those 18's good with the performance brakes? ... more


Right. It's all sidewall height. Going to wider and taller 245/40/19 with less unsprung weight is why my tires (and wheels) are now holding up to the potholes. Warmer weather also probably makes a difference tbh (warmer rubber is less brittle). My sidewall went up by 0.7" and that's very significant While summer tire compounds ... ... more

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