Vosarea 21 in 1 Hexagonal Wheel Lug Nut Covers Bolts Covers Screw Protect Caps 21mm with Clips (Grey)


High quality silicone, tough soft and rub resistant.

Easy to fit,simply push down onto your bolts for a firm fit.

Enhances the finish of your car wheels.

Protects your bolt heads from corrosion.

Various colors are available to decorate your car's bolts.

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Discussed in 2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking in the Tesla Motors Club community


Hey all, So after a wait that we're (mostly) all familiar with, I picked up my S with 19" wheels on Friday. Before picking it up, based on photos I'd seen online, I was sort of waffling on hubcaps vs no hubcaps vs different wheels; the hubcaps looked OK in photos, and the wheels looked ... also OK, I guess, but not really ... ... more


Thanks for letting me tag along and really enjoyed the conversation!! Analysis is spot on - still wish Tesla would just offer a non-aero cap 19" wheel version. But there will be plenty of after-market options. ... more


This is great information, thanks for doing a test run! You are probably correct, negligible effect at average highway speeds. I do a lot of trips thru central CA on I-5 where speeds can average 90-100mph thru the Central Valley. I'll certainly do some tests with and without aero caps once I get my car to see if there is ... ... more


How about the quality of ride and noise in the cabin? Have they enabled the noise cancellation system yet? Could you tilt the screen or is it still locked? What is your impression about the fit and finish of the new MS-LR? I am assuming that it is much superior to the first gen Model S cars. ... more


Hi. Did you post pics of your tires with wheel hub two Amazon parts you posted? I see you went gray instead of black. If you posted tire pics, I can't find them. Thanks 🙏 ... more

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