Save 10% on Bundle Kit (380/365) for Tesla Plaid & Long Range Front & Rear (P/N 2679 & 2435-P)


Overview Reviews Product Description Save 10% on Bundle Kit (380/365) for Tesla Plaid & Long Range Front & Rear (P/N 2679 & 2435-P) Kit includes: 2 ea Front two piece rotors 2 ea Rear two piece rotors 1 car set street pads ROTOR WT. COMPARISON (LBS) FRONT REAR TOTAL/SIDE TOTAL/CAR OE IRON 28.23 20.5 48.73 97.46 RB 2PC 20.83 17.27 38.1 76.2 WT. SAVING 7.4 3.23 10.63 21.26 (21.8%) Replacement rotor rings: Front: D603-03 Rear: D406-01 Brake pads included in the kit is for street driving, for off-st  

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Okay, so although I'm a complete dumb-dumb and novice in terms of brakes and tracking a car (twisty track that is as I've aken many of my previous ICE vehicles down the straight line 1/4 mi. track hundreds of times), I sought the advice of @lolachampcar to discuss this very same issue which is downright scary when trying ... ... more


I would be very interested in seeing some real world results from an upgrade to 2 piece rotors. These claims seem overly optimistic. Yes, 2 piece should dissipate heat better than one piece. But thus car has very small rotors compared to its mass, so it does seem like a lot of money for no upgrade in diameter or width. ... ... more


RB's same-as-oem-size rotors 380mm/365mm with XT910 brake pads. Save 10% on Car Kit (380/365) for Tesla Plaid & LR Front & Rear (P/N 2679-K & 2435P-K) Basically, they help my MS Plaid slow & stop better. Period. Not so squishy with less brake overheating & less brake fade. No squeaks, squealing, rattles or any strange noises ... ... more


To confirm, the kit recommended above is for "street" braking and not "track", correct? I just need my Plaid to brake much better than the OEM kit when I need to come to a sudden slow down or stop. ... more


Signature Wheel did their home work to have the clearance duly verified and that would be our 400/390 kit. (If you have OE 19" it only fits the front but not the rear.) This kit also allows customer who already purchased the stock replacement 380/365 kit for a seamless upgrade by replacing only the rotor rings and adding ... ... more


That 400/390 kit looks really nice. Any feedback on front/rear bias performance on the Plaid? ... more


Date: 12/8/21 Wheel fitment guide for RB balanced brake kits Wheels Size Rotor Size (mm) Front Rear OE Signature Stock 380 365 19" 19" BBK (Stock +1) 410 390 20" 19" BBK (Stock +2) 432 410 21" 20" What a balanced brake system means? ... more


Has anyone ordered this kit? [link] ... more


LOL. Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible! Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible! 🤣🤣 ... more

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