Model S Jupiter Spoiler - Real Molded Carbon Fiber


Our Jupiter spoiler will give your Model S a more sporty and aggressive look. The spoiler is wider, taller and thicker than the TESLA blade spoiler.  It has a more aggressive stronger look and is available in glossy or matte.

These real carbon fiber spoilers are custom made only for RPM Tesla.  We are very proud to offer our USA made molded spoilers for the Tesla Model S.  They fit all years 2012-present.

They are UV coated to prevent discoloring over time.  Once again, we have mad

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I'm going to give this one a try. A few of their other products too. [link] ... more


I'm installing this spoiler from rpmtesla. Not too expensive but not sure about the quality. I like the looks - Model S Jupiter Spoiler - Real Molded Carbon FiberDidn't do any ppf on the rear quarter panel. Don't have mudflaps either, will probably go back to the shop and ask them for a quote. I hate rock chips and with ... ... more


The spoiler looks good! If you are worried about the rock chips, then better to get it done now. I took delivery last year in June and neither me or the installer had no idea how bad the chips would be since we had no reference points. ... more


Quality of the spoiler is excellent and your taste is as good as mine. 😬 ... more


REALLY curious how that turns out quality wise, it looks nice :3 Can you tag me once you get it? :D ... more


Installed the Jupiter Spoiler from rpmtesla on my LR. Looks decent I guess. What do you folks think? ... more


I think it looks goof, even on a blue car.😁 [image] ... more


It looks Good, thinking about purchasing it also. that design would fit with metallic silver the best. ... more


Can you post a "from the front" kind of view? I like the rear view for sure. Overall just not having that flat arse looking end from this view would be nice :D Has anyone tried to powder coat the brake calipers? Really enjoyed the red look on my M3P ... more

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