This is how ridiculous Guitar Center has become!


First off let me say I am not interested in any of these basses. But a lot of us here go onto G.C.'s used website every day to see what new used gear they have taken in and look for some deals. But recently some of the used basses they are selling have unbelievable price tags on them. To the point where you can buy a new version of the same bass for cheaper than they are selling the used one for. Having worked in retail for years I would love to know who at G.C. is making these decisions to buy these used basses at such a high cost and then trying to sell them at an even higher price point. They really need to lose their jobs. These basses aren't even vintage! They will never sell no where near the prices they are asking for them. No wonder G.C. is going down the crapper. See the links below.

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