WTB scammer alert - u/Good_loud20


Similar to the other scammer alert posts, u/Good_loud20 tried the same shit on me (uses 'man' a lot, won't do paypal, posts a lot in the sub FreeKarma4U, etc.) from my Boss SP-303 post.

I had been scammed by a similar account u/ogomegbunnem not too long ago, my bank is good though so I'll be seeing my money. Exact same stuff going on with this account too.

I'm thinking that there's someone here who's using a ton of different accounts to pull this shit with. Both accounts I've personally encountered were on the Universal Scammer List.

Anywho, be careful folks.

UPDATE: u/ogomegbunnem, the account I got scammed by originally, and u/good_loud20 are very likely the same person, as accounts used to share google images of the stuff being sold sent to both me and another user both used the names Karl Phillip Richardson (u/ogomegbunnem) or Richardson Phillip (u/good_loud20). If anyone receives photos from a name like this on google photos, stay the hell away! There's one person here with a ton of accounts doing this.
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