USA 6x6 wheels

Lil ugly

I have a set of USA 6x6 wheels that I purchased with a set of 43 sx's years ago. I am in the process of switching tires. I know the wheels were re-centered at some point in their lifetime and I thought that was the only modification that was done to them. However now that they are apart I am wondering if more was done to them, and so far i have not had much luck turning up information on the web about the wheels other than the manufacturing was generally piss poor and the guy had terrible customer service.

My main issue is that the way the bolts for attaching the two halves have to go in it leaves the o ring upside down when you are trying to install the top half (Thinner half of the wheel) Any one have any idea if this was normal? Or did someone screw up my wheels and make it so that my bolts cannot be installed correctly?

Also anyone no where I can get 17"x 10" wide pvc inserts? Soft 8 dished 8x6.8 pattern steel wheel center for 17" rim? Thanks for any valuable assistance and make sure smart ass comments are actually entertaining.
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