Can tortious get colds?????



My 8year old Herman tortious has been having breathing problems. It started around Christmas and I ignored it for about but I didn't go away. He constantly had substances running out of his nose.

I though he wasn't warm enough so I started measuring his basking spot (its is about 26 degrees C)

however it didn't get better. Since he came for the Greece and a hot climate I have started treating the heat lamp as the sun. So turning it off and on when the sun sets and rises (instead of leaving it on all day and night)

none of this has helped so when I bath him make the water hot but not burning hot in any way but nice to stick your hands in. Still no difference and now I can hear him breathing.

He sounds very wheezy and it is easy to hear. He also seems to struggle when breathing. He lifts his hole head up and his arms.

What does this mean????
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