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Invite drive-by visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter.

"List Builder has given us an invaluable way to encourage new members to sign up and existing members to return weekly."

Joshua Barraza, Tortoise Forum owner

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Read about how Tortoise Forum doubled their subscriber list in four months with List Builder.

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Included for free with Newsletter

List Builder is included with Threadloom Newsletter. Get all of the features below for free.

Zero installation

  • Use your existing Threadloom plug-in — nothing new to install.

  • Easily configure settings in the Threadloom Portal.

  • Preview changes privately.

Seamless integration

  • Trigger your form based on time, time and pageviews, or scrolling.

  • Display to logged in and/or logged out users.

  • Automatically add users to Newsletter.


  • Capture consent via GDPR-compliant tools.

  • Search for and delete users in the Threadloom Portal.

Threadloom Newsletter includes 25,000 emails per month for free. Learn more.

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Threadloom is available for vBulletin (v3 and v4) and XenForo (v1.5, v2.x).

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